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Chris & Michelle in view

Chris & Michelle

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Manufacturing team


Chris and Michelle. Michelle and Chris. Husband and wife team, who have a shared approach to running and managing the business.

Sarah. Sarah joined Jenetex after graduating from Huddersfield University with a BA honours fashion degree and soon took up the position as head designer.

Hana. Also graduated from Huddersfield University with a BA honours fashion degree. Hana Initially worked as a machinist, then working her way up to the position of Fashion Designer.

Jane. Is now in her 14th year with Jenetex and is known here as the most organised member in the office. Jane's personality lights up the place.

The Team. We have a very talented hardworking team who all have contributed over years to the success of Jenetex growth. All live locally and are very concious of their own workmanship whilst also caring about the company and our customers. Several have worked together previously, having trained and worked in the large sewing factories that were once big employers in this area of South Yorkshire.

Big Ernie. RIP. Gone but never forgotten.