We now offer a large range of ECO friendly fabrics with most of the yarns made from Econyl, a 100% regenerated nylon yarn created from items such as recycled plastics, disgaurded fishing nets, disused carpets and ropes

With more and more waste been produced and the population constantly expanding the actions taken now will determine the future of our planet. Swaping to recycled materials alone is having a huge, positive effect on the worlds polution, reducing the effects of global warming and the change on our climate.

Each small change we make is a step in the right direction.

These fabrics can be used in any of our products.

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When it comes to the use of recycled fabric, people seem to air on the side of causion thinking it seems to perform less. This is definitely not true when it comes to Econyl regenrated yarns.

The perfomance and quality is the same as the traditional nylon but with it been made in a sustainable way. You have the same look, feel and stretch. Recycled fabrics are starting to become more widely used as we care more and more about our planet.

Vast colour ranges, textures and weights are available.

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Econyl is 100% regenrated yarns coming from our waste. As we know littering our oceans and overflowing ladfills are all issues we as a whole are struggling with. So why not take advantage of these disposable items and turn them in to more sustainable items.

Items such as industrial plastics, disused carpets, disguarded fishing nets and ropes can all be turn in to yarns to produce this sustainable nylon fabric.

Econyl reduces the impact of nylon on global warming by a huge 90%.


Lets protects our environment and become more sustainable