Because size maters.

Size chart

Age ranges are provided for guidance only and actually sizes take dominance. If you are unsure please feel free to contact one of our team who will be only too happy to assist you.

Samples are available upon request and recommended when ordering bulk quantities. Charges may apply.

Gymnastics leotards

AgeSizeGym size (inches)WaistChest
0-300-18" (45.72cm)19-20" (48.26 -50.8cm)
3-502420" (51cm)20-21" (51-55cm)
6-812622" (56cm)22-23" (56-59cm)
8-91B2823" (58cm)24-25" (60-64cm)
9-1123024" (61cm)26-27" (65-69cm)
12-143A3225" (63cm)28-29" (70-74cm)
Ladies Adult Small33426" (66cm)30-31" (75-79cm)

Ladies Adult Medium

43628" (71cm)32-34" (80-86cm)
Ladies Adult Large53830" (76cm)35-36" (87-91cm)

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0-30018" (45.72cm)19-20" (48.26 -50.8cm)17"
3-5020" (51cm)20-21" (51-55cm)19"
6-8122" (56cm)22-23" (56-59cm)23"
8-91B23" (58cm)24-25" (60-64cm)25"
9-11224" (61cm)26-27" (65-69cm)26"
12-143A25" (63cm)28-29" (70-74cm)28"
Ladies Size 10326" (66cm)30-31" (75-79cm)29"
Ladies Size 12428" (71cm)32-34" (80-86cm)31"
Ladies Size 14530" (76cm)35-36" (87-91cm)31"